Illuvium — 4. The Atmosphere and Immersion of Illuvium’s Game Mechanics

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Welcome to Illuvium — a strange, striking land that hides many secrets. Telemetry showed no planet in the habitable zone of this system, and yet here you are, crashed and deserted. That is one question among many yet to be answered– and only you will be able to unearth them.

There is a peculiar feeling to this planet — is it the odd stillness of this place, or the strange alien vegetation… and what are those shimmers?

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Illuvium — Sanctum Mesa region

The Illuvium World

This is the world that you will set out to reclaim, emboldened by the Faustian spirit that all adventurers possess. Along the way you will capture elusive creatures beyond comprehension, gather resources to forge legendary equipment, and uncover a mystery aeons old.

Whether you choose to continue exploring the gorgeously designed landscape with only the delightful dungeon synth-esque soundtrack to keep your thoughts company or engage in combat with other adventurers using your crack team of divine creatures is up to you.

As a fusion of the RPG and Auto-battle genres, your time spent within the illustrious world of Illuvium will alternate between roaming an open world crafted by some of the best designers in the industry — and battles between your Illuvials and new ones you encounter on your journey.

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Make Your Own A-Team

In the immersive world that you will find yourself in, Illuvials phase in and out of existence and will be hard to track (both to hunt and avoid) — but when you do, don’t expect an easy fight. Once the battle starts, each Illuvial will find an enemy to engage in combat, aided by your in-game character who possesses technology advanced enough to stand firm against these incredibly powerful creatures. Keep in mind the synergies between Illuvials — it can be the difference between victory and defeat!

Engage the mysterious Illuvials in battle — and if you win, they can be stored in a Shard, where they will accompany you on your personal Odyssey. Shards vary in power — if you’re dealing with stronger Illuvials, be sure to use a stronger shard. Otherwise, you risk losing that rare creature forever.

Combat will make them stronger, grow in levels and power. Once you collect three that each reach the highest level, you can fuse them together into a single, more powerful creature.

Don’t worry if an Illuvial gets injured — the shard it returns to will give it all it needs to get back to full health over time. If you want them back right away, however, it can be done by using various items or paying a small fee to bring them back to full health.

Some are more rare than others, and if you are lucky you might just get a Shiny, Gold, or Holographic rare capture. If you do, your Illuvial will always stand out in a crowd

Illuvial Affinities

The origins of Illuvials themselves is a mystery, but so is their affinity to the elements of this alien world. Illuvials share with one of 5 elements: Water, Fire, Earth, Air and Nature. The most powerful Ascended form affinities with two elements (Frost = Air + Water), or a stronger bond with a single element (Inferno = Fire + Fire). Make sure your team is strategically chosen. Your Archeleon might be strong with its Overgrowth Affinity (Nature + Nature), but in combat with an Inferno Illuvial they will be at a severe disadvantage so choose wisely.

Illuvial Classes

Illuvials are grouped into one of 5 classes: Fighter, Guardian, Rogue, Psion and Empath. As in many RPGs, the choices you make regarding the class of your Illuvials will affect the outcome of battles with wild Illuvials. Plan a team that works together.

Ascended forms are so powerful that they sometimes embody two classes simultaneously, such as Slayer (Fighter + Rogue), or become stronger in a single class such as Invoker (Psion + Psion).

Your Role In The Fight

No true hero would send their allies into battle without stepping into the fray themselves. On Illuvium, you form an integral part of your team, slinging futuristic weapons and backed up by impossibly strong armor. And on your journey you might find items that can help you boost your team, such as gemstones that can be infused into your armour to give an aura of a particular element, thus boosting your team’s affinities.

But don’t think it comes without a cost. To infuse your gemstone you must absorb the essence of one of your captures, and only after it has been on the journey with you long enough to have reached the appropriate level. This process is not for the sentimental, especially if you have Bonded with it.

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Illuvium Obelisks

Illuvium’s Map

A whole planet full of diverse biomes to lose yourself in awaits. There is scant knowledge of the planet before the crash, but it is believed by some that this is your species’ homeworld, where a great cataclysm at the hands of the Illuvials befell the land, and vegetation took hold of the newly formed mountain ranges, chasms and seas. Each area of the map is home to a unique blend of radiant flora, rare resources and Illuvials that have evolved to form a close bond with their new home. You are one of the first here, however — and nobody knows what lies beyond that hazy mountain range on the horizon. New areas will be added over time, all connected by Obelisks.

The Obelisks must have been erected after the cataclysm as they are designed to provide protection from the arcane entities that are Illuvials, but by whom? All you have to do is reach any Obelisk and use its power to materialise at your desired destination. You are safe from encounters in the towns, and here is where you will forge your equipment. It is up to you to decide where you want to place your focus but there is no doubt that the most successful adventurers will explore, battle, forge and earn.

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Collection and Auto Battler Game. Launching on Immutable X Q3 2021.

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