Illuvium — 2. Gameplay

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Illuvium Early Concept Art


Illuvium, at its heart, is an RPG game where players travel to various regions of the world and encounter creatures called Illuvials which they battle. By defeating them in combat the player has the option of capturing them in Shards. Players gradually build up a collection that grows in power over time, which they can use to venture into more dangerous regions, or battle other players.

One of the many ways Illuvium differentiates itself from other RPGs is in combat, which is not turn-based. Instead each combat instance is an auto battle, where the player selects and places their Illuvials strategically with the intention of countering their opponent. As such it is extremely important to select Illuvials that synergize well with each other, and are strong against the opponent’s selection






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Rare capture Illuvial

Rare Captures



Experience and Leveling

Resource Collection

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Illuvium Obelisks


Game Modes

Future Expansion

Wrap Up

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Collection and Auto Battler Game. Launching on Immutable X Q3 2021.

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