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Rogier Van De Beek

In-game shot of Atlas.

“My office space is very important and so I try to make it as comfortable as I can. I fill it with some cool toys and artbooks.” — Alex

With a seemingly noble quality, Dash has a natural guardian stance.

Aleksandr Kirilenko

  1. Purchase your $ILV during the sale
  2. For every 1 ETH you spend in the sale you will earn 1 point
  3. IMPORTANT — Do not sell $ILV or make transfers from your wallet, as doing so forfeits your right to claim NFTs
  4. Wait until the sale ends
  5. Go to (This will only go live at the conclusion of the Balancer Sale)
  6. Connect your wallet clicking in the and check your available points.
  7. Choose your preferred NFTs and spend your points to claim them.

What is a Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool?


News, protocol updates, reveals, and other dispatches from the Illuvium DAO. Illuvium is a decentralised game studio. Launching on Immutable X is Q3, 2021.

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