8. First In-Depth Look At The Illuvials

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The range of terrain in Illuvium lends itself to a vast zoology of elemental creatures for you to capture and battle. Illuvials have some unique distinctions for the (relatively new) NFT/gaming space:

They are high-quality 3D art made by some of the best in the business. Illuvials are designed to be addictively collectible. 100+ fully-designed characters with individual features make each Illuvial a complete original, rather than be assembled out of modular components. They are also fully functional characters in an Auto Battler, which has never yet been seen before.

We’ve concentrated efforts to make them iconic, knowing seasoned gamers will appreciate it.

They’re Hidden Everywhere In This Vast, Multi Terrain World…

While travelling across the vast obelisk-connected valleys and chasms that make up the mystical world of Illuvium, you’ll encounter all manner of Illuvials in their natural habitats.

The true nature of Illuvials is just one of many secrets waiting to be discovered in this vast but eerily quiet world.

One thing is certain though — the Illuvials are beasts more akin to deities than to average creatures. They’re all connected by a mysterious bond which seems to also hint at the divine essence that powers them.

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Another vital factor that makes each Illuvial even more unique is that if Illuvials share a class, an affinity — or better yet, the two of them at once — then they can synergize with each other.

Many Illuvials are yet to be revealed — but a couple of them have already been sighted in the wild. When we launch, these and many more will be waiting for you.

…And you need them.

Without Illuvials, you have no hope of surviving the panoramic wildlands of this new world.

Although all Illuvials are hostile in the wild, nursing one back to health after besting it in battle will turn the Illuvial into your lifelong companion. These Illuvials will never leave your side. You can’t advance, or finish your quest, without them.

What’s the Illuviary?

The Illuviary is the compendium that will house all known facts about Illuvium’s pantheon of legendary creatures. From stage 1 cubs to stage 3 deities that will terrify and fill you with wonder, the Illuviary will be your go-to source of knowledge.

We are ready to start leaking for you pages from this encyclopedia. Read on below to meet an Illuvial of the Sea Scorpion line.

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005 — Rypper

Like a looking-glass set into emerald-hued grasslands, the landlocked Halcyon Sea’s surface sparkles with perfect clarity. In this enormous body of water within the Brightland Steppes, aquatic Illuvials have long dwelled. This tranquil lake, however, hosts some of the most hostile sea monsters — and the amphibious arachnid known as Rypper is among the most aggressive of them. And what’s worse — even if a Rypper is in a killing frenzy, it moves with stealth, so you may not realize it is stalking you until far too late.. An enemy you’ll never see coming poses a much graver threat than the one carving a path of destruction towards you. Potent paralyzing venom, and the all-encompassing silence of the undersea abyss are the last two things you’ll experience before an agonizing death.


A Rypper is a terrifying sight scurrying swiftly towards you across the ground. Two rows of 4 arachnid legs rotating like pistons — all 8 legs alternating like a locomotive, you realize fast that you probably cannot outrun the Rypper. When it keeps low and flat to the ground, it already reaches a height above the knee of most humans. But it looks almost double in size when, feeling threatened, it extends its segmented tail capped by a two foot-long stinger that can plunge all the way through a body. Strangely beautiful with its chrome-like exo skeleton in shades of teal and lime-green, it taunts by snapping menacing spiked claws. An agile predator, this mega-arthropod easily follows your every movement with its huge, oval, tangerine-colored cycloptic eye.

Affinity / Class

Poison Fighter

Basic Attack

Rypper uses its enormous claws to crush its prey.

Critical Attack

Rypper crushes the enemy with both claws at the same time.

Ultimate Ability — Toxic Skewer

Rypper grabs hold of the enemy and strings it with a massive barb, poisoning the target.

Key Attributes

Attack Damage

Attack Speed


These Illuvials are only known to us thanks to rare glimpses of them before they vanish again into the alien landscape.

Who knows how many more there may be — camouflaged in caverns, windswept endless prairies, and lush evergreen thickets?

If you’d like to know more about the creatures you will soon face, you can follow the developers on Twitter and Medium — or better yet, join the discussion on Discord.

Note: This game is currently in development, and details are subject to change.



Join us: discord.gg/illuvium

Stay tuned for further communications…

Collection and Auto Battler Game. Launching on Immutable X Q3 2021.

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