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At Illuvium, we make every effort to decentralize. This resonates throughout the entire DAO. It is the philosophy of all that we do. And we have brought this same way of thought to our approach to our Medium blog.

We have reformatted to make our blog a hub.

Where decentralization comes in is, as we take on more staff writers, whether they are core contributors or guest writers, they will retain authorship and ownership of their pieces. …

For seemingly countless miles, the southeastern edge of the eastern continent lays against a narrow stretch of ocean. It’s the closest point of land to the wall of crystal at the edge of the world. Due to this proximity, it would seem that the minerals which did not fully develop into the ring of crystal surrounding the world, were carried by the waves to wash up on the crystal shores. On this glittering coast of crystal debris, one can find some of the most powerful Illuvials, many of which enjoy a peaceful existence on the vast expanse of sparkling dunes.



Rogier Van De Beek

Rogier Van De Beek has a high endurance for the supercharged production schedule at Illuvium. 12 hour days are common, but this is no big deal for Rogier. Day in and day out, Rogier’s illustrations bring life to the characters. Not only their physical features, but the visible cues of their personalities, their soulfulness or fearsomeness or even more subtle, complex traits. His concept art is key to the articulation of the world of Illuvium.

“I think the eventual look of the game will be impressive to the industry,” Rogier says. “It will have a very unique blend of stylization…

In-game shot of Atlas.

At times, a lull comes over the entire valley where the landlocked sea is situated. The windless lake is more inviting to the creatures nearby when it’s like this. To the trained eye, smaller Illuvials dot this serene landscape. When one can manage to catch a glimpse, one may see these creatures playing in the shallows, and even see them venture a few yards into the shore. They always keep the gently lapping waves of the becalmed sea within sight, so they can run away from larger predators. Here you can encounter docile-looking, disarmingly playful Atlas.

“My office space is very important and so I try to make it as comfortable as I can. I fill it with some cool toys and artbooks.” — Alex

The week leading up to the release of our Illuvium cinematic trailer was a tremendous time crunch. With 168 hours left till deadline, the core contributors were streamlining workflows to nail their high standard without having to slow down. Their effective reactiveness to the challenges that arose, and ability to quickly problem solve, can be credited to their collective years of professional experience. Alexandre Belbari, Lead Animator, cited length of experience as the most important edge that a pro in animation could have.

With a seemingly noble quality, Dash has a natural guardian stance.

A barren and unfriendly terrain, it makes one uneasy to see the bleak landscape of this “Crimson Waste.” Its endless blood-red dunes of hot sand undulate towards the horizon. Chemical scans showed a toxicity seems to rise even from the rocks. The further one goes in, the more the unbearable swings of extreme temperatures make the journey feel nearly impossible to complete at times. As hostile as this environment seems, a boisterous and friendly creature darts around with such speed that it becomes impossible to track.

Production Note: These incredible shots of Dash are in-game images. Dash was groomed by…

The co-founders Kieran Warwick and Aaron Warwick, and core contributors are all thrilled to close the Balancer sale on such a high note. Thank you to Balancer Labs!

We cannot stop expressing our gratitude to all of you that participated.

New $ILV token holders: you now have the ability to participate in our governance to steer the protocol through your council members.

Congratulations! More information in the weeks to come on liquidity mining!

Moving forward, our unified aim in this DAO is to charge forward on-course towards the release of the inaugural AAA title of this game universe. You already…

Aleksandr Kirilenko

The rituals an artist does to expand their consciousness, and creativity, can be very different from typical productivity exercises that professionals in other fields would do. “Last week, I locked myself in my sauna with the lights turned off,” says Aleksandr Kirilenko, Lead Modeler for Illuvium. “I did it on purpose, to battle with some demons and be taken on a ride by my imagination. It was great, a proper monk-in-a-cave type of experience.”

It may not seem like it, but doing things like this helps keep Aleks’ game on point. It also helps him ensure that our team of…

Top Row: Rhamphyre NFT. Next row: m0z4rt skin. Next two rows: Emotes. Final row: Badges.

Claims Process:

  1. Purchase your $ILV during the sale
  2. For every 1 ETH you spend in the sale you will earn 1 point
  3. IMPORTANT — Do not sell $ILV or make transfers from your wallet, as doing so forfeits your right to claim NFTs
  4. Wait until the sale ends
  5. Go to (This will only go live at the conclusion of the Balancer Sale)
  6. Connect your wallet clicking in the and check your available points.
  7. Choose your preferred NFTs and spend your points to claim them.

The Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (BLBP) is quickly arriving, and the Illuvinati Council has approved IIP - 002 which sets the parameters for the pool. There will be a total of one million tokens inside the (BLBP). This is the public’s first chance to acquire ILV outside of the two Discord Airdrops. Balancer was chosen because it is the fairest way to distribute the tokens, which has been proven with many projects. But there are some important details you need to know, so please read carefully.

What is a Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool?

A Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool is designed to allow DeFi protocols to acquire capital…


News, protocol updates, reveals, and other dispatches from the Illuvium DAO. Illuvium is a decentralised game studio. Launching on Immutable X is Q3, 2021.

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